Welcome to my blog featuring voices and stories from people practicing land and community stewardship.  I believe that combining care for the earth with sharing land to benefit local communities results in a great blessing to the planet. 

I cordially invite you to enjoy a recent U-Tube video called:  “Stewardship for the Next Generation” produced by Michael Friend and John Hardam.

Be alert for the openings, for that moment when something sacred reveals itself within the mundane and you know the land knows you are there.”  Barry Lopez


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Teresita Dominoski said:

    Mr. Weiler,
    My name is Teresita Dominoski. My husband was hired this year as the science teacher at Lyle High school. One of the classes he is teaching is Ecology. And no there is no text book or curriculum. As he was hired late August he has been doing his best in creating curriculum and keeping the students engaged. He has taught this class in Biology but never as a year long class. I have been watching him scour the internet and pulling lessons together ever mindful of upcoming sections and working to tie them together. I would appreciate if you could suggest some websites, manuals, textbooks or anything I can look up or purchase for him to make his work easier.

    Thank you so much for your time,
    Teresita Dominoski

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