If you live anywhere from northern California to the Western Canadian border, you have awakened to the warmest day ever recorded.  Depending on where you are, you’ll see temperatures rising to as much as 110 degrees F.  Mild mannered Portland is expecting new highs of 106 degrees F.

I believe that Mother Nature is tired of giving us numerous chances to mend our ways.  She came us the momentous 1996 and 2011 floods, 2015 drought, rainiest/snowiest 2016-2017 winter, and now this…Lawrence of Arabia-epic searing winds from the Nevada desert.

Dr. Phillip Mote, a leading climate scientist from Corvallis, Oregon stated today that the day-time highs are not as unusual as the night-time “lows.” “Whereas the incidents of greater-than-100-degree temperatures has gone up by a factor of two or three, the incidents of higher-than-66 degrees-Fahrenheit for night-time lows has gone up by a factor of six or eight in much of Western Oregon. And this is true across the country. The low temperatures have tended to increase faster than the high temperatures.”

Why is it that when people are queried about whether they “believe” in global climate change, there are typically two questions:   Do you believe in climate change?  And then the odder, do you believe it is “human caused?”  The third question I would ask is: Regardless of questions 1 and 2, shouldn’t we be doing everything in our power to reverse the trend of rising temperatures?

What should we be doing?  Dr. Mote says, “We can help lower greenhouse gas emissions by driving less frequently, using public transportation or driving more fuel-efficient vehicles.”

I wonder how many more clear warnings Mother Nature will give us? ~