It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

The familiar harbingers of spring are upon us:  the first robin, the first wild grass widow flower, increasing light, and snow melt.  For folks living in the Columbia River Gorge, we have experienced a most unexpected three-month-solid winter.  Now we might keep all of our senses wide open for what could be a most memorable spring season.

Already, stranger things are afoot.

As my daughter Denali visited us last week, a giant alligator lizard emerged in front of her from a long sleep cradled by the meadow soil.

A weasel-kin fisher, extinct from Washington State for a half century, has appeared in the wilds of the Mt. Adams Wilderness.

My elderly statesman Black Lab became instantly young again this morning discovering, then chasing a coyote amid the oaks.

We are going to really miss out if we don’t spend copious hours outdoors this spring.  Waterfall cascades will be bank-full.  Catherine Creek wildflowers could show us hues we never have beheld.

Yet, while we will expect color and water, it is also the little natural gifts we welcome, a cool breeze, warm sun finding our skin, the hum of new life.

Expect the unexpected.