We all have been given names.  We feature name tags at conferences and it is still our primary way of introduction.  Names of influential people in our lives always carry a special resonance: John Muir, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, the Dali Lama… The Vietnam Memorial is simply a list of names.  When we vote, we are required to sign our names.  In our phone book (for we elders) or in your Ipad Contact list, we carry names with us…and I carry the following (partial) list of names with me always.  You are family, friends, work colleagues, part of the community where I live.  I lean on you, talk with you, cry, laugh, and share my life’s journey with you.  I want to deeply thank you all of you for your friendship, inspiration, simply the positive ways you contribute to the well being of the Columbia Gorge or other places where you live.

My hope is to be able to add to this list, to include new names of people I do not yet know, people different than me, maybe people who didn’t vote in the last election, maybe folks who have little in common with me except that we are here in the Gorge together…and that should be enough.

If you’d like, please add to this list, perhaps with 5 people that come directly to mind who help you along your way.

Dorothy Weiss, Allen Weiss,  Rene Weiler, Violet Knight, Mary Knight, Lawson Knight, Lisa Tomeo, Jim Tomeo, Hawk Tomeo, Teddy Tomeo, Micaline Pierce, Stephanie Knight, Denali Miedema, Luke Miedema, Lucia Pisapia, Antonio Cotnugno, Hayden Weiler, Elena Cotugno, Irene Cotugno, John Harkin, Janet Harkin, Chelan Harkin, Noah Harkin, Kathy Weiler, Orlando Herrera, Isabel Herrera, John Herrera, Terry Weiler, Cynthia Weiler, Elizabeth Weiler, Kevin Weiler, Esther Weiler, Enzo and Bella, Maura Muhl, Lee Muhl, Connor Muhl, Antonio Cotugno, Bonnie Ziegler Weber, Randy Weber, Jimmy Weber, Kurt Weiler, Karr Weiler, Ellen Poriles, Marc Harvey, Brook Mauer, Prescott Harvey, Meghan Harvey, Winston Harvey, Reed Harvey, Devon Fredrickson, Bob Hart, Jeanne Hart, Peter Maule, Jane Maule, Soroush Kermani, Ursula Kermani, Nika Kermani, Joleh Kermani, David Berger, Julie Larson, John Richter, Jani Richter, judy Shuman, David Cohen, Terri Cohen, Ginger Wallis, Ken Bevis, Teri Pieper, Joanne Jacobs, Eileen Rock, Carol Thayer, Rob Kavanaugh, Courtney Yilk, Camilla Blossom, Heather Kowalski, Laurie Van Cott, Molly Kissnger, Jeffrey Post-Holmberg, Sara Post-Holmberg, Jenni Post, Walter Ward, Candace Ward, John Boonstra, Dee Campos, Karen Murphy, Mike Gundlach, John Boonstra, Vicky Stifter, Charlie Boonstra, Pamela Larsen, and Sofie Larsen Tesky Scott McDonald, Bonnie New, Michael Friend, John Hardam, Grace Sisson, Krista Thie-Hoyt, Darryl Hoyt, Avery Hoyt, Gail Gensler, Karen Murray, Steve Murray, Betsy Miller, Drew Eastman, Clay Pierce, Ross Pierce, Trevor Yasbek, Kris Joy, Alex Yasbek, Ollie Yasbek, Josh Yasbek, Katherine Corey, Dan Richardson, Matt Rankin, Amira Malek, Paul Blackburn, Julia McGraw, Kate McBride, Peter Cornelison, Meghan Jossey &Doug, Kate Lindberg, Nicole Carlock, Melissa Rowe-Soll, John Soll, Jim Wells, Sally Wells, Julie Wieters, Cyndi Cashman, Katherine Von Mosch, Jim Von Mosch, Ginny Staubach Jess Waggoner, Gerald Waggoner, Conrad Waggoner, Jana Arthur, Stephanie Delgado, Doug Miller, Patty Miller, Chuck Dorsey, Martha Dorsey, Peter Dorsey, Marian Udelhofen, John Luthe, Annette Luthe, Rosemary Hop, Mary Lively, John Navidad, John Eudave, Pat Jacobsen, Erling Jacobsen, Jana Hannigan, Mike Hannigan, Sam Hannigan, Maggie Hannigan, Elisabeth Curry, Dyann Andresen, Lucy Andresen, Steve Ellis, Sue Ellis, Bobbi Puffin, Beth Puffin, Scott Stephenson, Valerie Stephenson, Lori Hull, Glenda Lovejoy, Jen FitzSimmons, Margaret Newcomb, Sally Newell, Pam Essley, Steve Essley, Pat Arnold, Georgia Opheim, Bill Seymour, Lucia Gonzalez, David Hunt, Prema Hunt, Ian Hunt, Avila Hunt, Ronnie Smith, Kevin Summa, Rebecca Wellman, Michael Wellman, Jeanie Wellman, Nancy Skakel, John Wehrman and Debbie Wehrman, Erica Toussaint, Susie Griffin, Tara Peyralans, Bob Wheeble, Ted Rose, Kalama Reuter, Ann Stephenson, Jill Nishball, Larry Gohl, Joh Gohl, Susan Gabay, Van Hicks, Glenda, Ruth Krause, Jesse Hickman, Kyle Hadley, Theresa Jensen, Jody Behr, Blue Ackerman, Eric Strid, Cyndi Strid, Katie Layne, Alan Lewis, Jeff Kiely, Dana Ustroke, Shoni Schlotzhauer, Bob Hanson, Gregory Hankins, Desiree Amyx-mackintosh, Sullivan Mackcintosh, Kim Robichaud, Kathleen Morrow, Lisa Roth, Erik Lundy, Tom Burns, Penny Burns, Kirby Neumann-Rea, Gary Young, Barbara Young, Ray Abanto, Desirae Bellairs, Olivia Pettit, Maza Brady, Charlie Buss, Emile Pennington-Davis, Deb Davis, Gale Arnold, Heather Whidden, Bill Whidden, Courtney Whidden, Caitlyn Cray, Sarah Cook, Wes Lapp, Margaret Nesbit, Heather Clemons, Jennifer Hull, Brent Foster, Mark Kahler, Mark Fitsimmons, Jake Camp, Ann Bourinskie, Julie Raefield, Rick George, Judy Walrod Maule, Martha Stevenson, Joe Garoutte, Lynda Dallman, Peter Dallman, Michael Ballinger, Ken McCarty.