“Its 10 years and counting here on the land.  From the first spade of earth to 24 hands.  From music nights to meadlowlark days, we have done it all together with love, work, and play.”  ~          A celebration of home written 15 years ago

On a ridiculously cold January 6, 1989, we moved into a freshly built log cabin situated on 20 acres of oak woodland.  We had no electricity, but a wood stove would keep us warm, at least when huddled next to it.

Four dogs, four cats, and one pot-bellied pig later  we are still here, now celebrating a quarter century.  The warmth of this place goes well beyond seasonal wood heat.  Memories of children playing, friends singing, prayers and meditations have been enshrined into our thick log walls and they can sometimes be retrieved through deep thought and even magically conjure themselves through morning’s light, a bird song, or a photograph.

Over the years, we have been enthralled by a mountain lion crossing our driveway, frightened by lightning strike fire, and softened by winter snow.  And we thank our lucky Milky Way stars for our neighbors.  They practice unconditioning giving, not only of material goods, but of service.  “You need the use of my tractor, my truck..let’s get to work!”  It is one thing to put up with 100 youth visiting every Memorial Day weekend, and quite another to place candles on a path inviting them on a night walk as they play inspirational home-made wooden flutes.  We don’t see our neighbors everyday, but we are grateful for their presence always.

With no fences, there are no barriers, allowing wildlife and people to roam the meadows and forest.  We don’t want to keep people out; we want to invite them in.  We hope for city visitors to come under the spell of fresh air; we wish for country neighbors to deepen their ties to land and to share the bounty of land stewardship.  We ask the constant Gorge winds to send us children so while here, they can chase lizards, communicate with deer and kindle their sense of wonder and place.

Come anytime to celebrate our 25th. anniversary. ~