Our wonderful next door neighbors are currently in the south of France: grandparents, parents, and baby together traveling, exploring a magical land.  Other friends bring their tribe annually to Diamond Lake, Oregon, while many families reunite around the holidays.

During these autumn months, wildlife too are drawing together.  Birds of one species flock together and prepare for the great zugunruhe (one of my favorite words meaning migratory restlessness).  Waterfowl will gather by the hundreds or thousands in refuges like Conboy Lake in Glenwood Washington and Richfield Wildlife Refuge just north of Vancouver, Washington.  Resident birds of many species forget their ferocious spring season bravado when they established and defended courtship territory.  Now they intermingle during the day as there is safety in numbers.

Respectively, Cow elk and does now travel closely together and actually “yard” up in small clusters.  The buzzing bee world soon congeals into a compact ball with the queen in the middle to keep warm and safe.  Bats will congregate in impressive numbers, huddling together to dream deeply in hibernation.

As we prepare for our daughter’s outdoor wedding in one month, human and wild creature reunions may overlap.   Our bird feeder will be stocked with seeds and the bat house may attract a crowd.  The vital acorns that many species depend upon for winter survival are most prevalent in our lowland oak forest..where the wedding venue is located.  So, the deer may have to patiently wait a few hours until the human crowd dissipates before taking their turn at nature’s catering table.

Because autumn is the season for congregation and movement, great creatures are more easily observed, therefore now is a fine time for re-uniting with nature.  ~