OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGoing to college in Arizona allowed me plenty of opportunities to visit the Grand Canyon.  I discovered quickly that Grand Canyon sunsets were unparalleled in their beauty and length.  I started calling them “skysets” because the canvas of hues would cover the heavens in all directions.

After this evening’s skyset, I am tempted to hand the mantle for most spectacular light shows to the Columbia River Gorge.  The combination of clouds, smoke from The Dalles fire and views of both Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams have resulted in the finest evening shows of the year.

While one can enjoy a skyset spectacle from the comfort of home, watching them live outdoors heightens the experience.  This evening, I took a walk with my wonder dog Violet to the top of the hill, and so the views were unencumbered.  I felt the gentle breeze and my nose discerned a tinge (or should I say “singe”) of smoke in the air.  And as an added bonus, my next door neighbor Bob unexpectedly showed up to record the skyset on film.

One memory from a Grand Canyon evening:  I was at the main Visitor Center Parking Lot overlooking the endless shades of rock and history, when the day started to fade, and the sky lit up in color.  I was surprised that I was the only person watching this glorious unfolding scene, and I was mystified where others were hiding as I spied many cars in the parking lot.

For many minutes, while the Universal Artist deftly used the sky as a palette, I was alone experiencing grandeur on the greatest scale.  When the show was finally over, the Visitor Center doors flung open and a crowd spilled out.  When I asked someone what was going on, he told me that they had just watched a film on….Grand Canyon sunsets! ~