207Every piece of land, I imagine, has its share of natural disasters:  fires, floods, volcanic eruptions, drought, Ice Ages and disease.   Last Friday during an exhilarating thunder and lightning storm, I heard and felt an explosion.  I thought that a lightning strike had hit just in front of me.  I was a little off.

Lightning started a fire on our meadowed slope and started racing toward the adjacent oak woodland.  I couldn’t see the glow from my vantage point, but our vigilant neighbors did.  They called us, then the fire department.

What seemed like seconds after the fire ignited, the heavens opened and we received blessed (and perhaps property saving) rain.  A hard rain it was, and the moisture stopped the fire’s march just short of the trees and limited the “damage” to one-half acre.

The next day we were recipients of many visitors.   Disasters draw crowds!  The charred ground was still warm and the air still had plenty of molecules of leftover smoke.  The ground was pockmarked, though I almost expected a crater left by the blast.

It will be fascinating to see how quickly the meadow recovers and which plant species colonize the site.  A year from now will there be any sign of the fire?  What will our memory be of the first fire we have experienced here in 30 years?  ~