Spring and Summer  ~

We are pleased, those of us who are blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest, because as I write, it is June; it is still spring, the best of all seasons in Oregon and Washington.  The wind takes on the buzz of life carrying the scents of renewal; the rain is warmer; indeed, all of the land seems immersed in green hues, punctuated by landscapes of color, including trillium white, camas blue.  At rest for 10 months, morel mushrooms have emerged, as do boomers*, bears, and to a certain extent, people.  Great and small treasures await discovery in this still unrestrained region of the country.

Let’s move on to summer in the Pacific Northwest, and as any local resident will tell you, this is obviously the most wonderful of all seasons here.  The rain has taken a hiatus.  People everywhere are afoot; the treasures are not alone anymore especially those associated wtih the word “park.”  West of the Cascades, the land remains green while east of  the mountains, golden brown is the dominant robe of the landscape, blending rock with grass, meadow with earth.

The true jewels of the Pacific Northwest are those one cannot hoarde because they belong to none.  They can’t be bought because they are not for sale.  Price tags joyfully read “as is” on a piece of dune, a single butterfly, or a living Oregon white oak.  Natural valuables are typically fragile beings as they burn rather easily.  They don’t take well to chain saws, plows, or guns.  They can usually ride through the bumps of time, but only if the changes occur slowly, with a recognizable rhythm.

*What is a boomer…In this case, it isn’t someone born after 1950??