Slow down you move too fast, you got to make the morning last.

Simon and Garfunkel

Walking, watching, listening, meditating, and resting: all words that denote quiet, stillness, and slowness.   Slowing down is a tough challenge in today’s frenetic world, and the word slow has many negative connotions.   “She is a slow learner.”  “You’re driving too slow!” “It was a slow day at work.”

Yet, we often crave pausing and taking time to relax.  We love vacations, but it may take us many days to adapt to a relaxed lifestyle, and then we quickly pick up the pace immediately upon our return, rather than bringing vacation mode back home.

Spending time in nature slows us down wonderfully, especially when we’re in the presence of children who are bent upon exploring and discovering.  Or go fishing, fly fishing, where you’re standing in one place while a stream or river sings to you.

Stewards take their time because befriending land is a long process involving the use of all senses and a lot of waiting…for cubs to emerge from a den, for the arrival of spring birds, for an animal to find the artificial snag you created.

Tomorrow I am walking 11 miles with a group of hikers.  If we drove that distance, it would take us a quarter hour, bicycling would bring us to the trail’s end in 40 minutes, but we’ll spend the whole day on foot.  We’ll be in no rush and take our spring day slowly.  ~