I‘ve come up with a short, hopefully reflective survey of approximately 20 questions.  And as with most everything associated with sense of wonder and sense of place, there are no wrong answers

1.  Can you identify one experience that clearly intiated your love for nature

Or was your relationship to the natural world something that slowly grew and blossomed over the years?

2.  Who of the following influenced you in building your relationshp with nature?

Parents       Grandparents           Brother/Sister                            Friend(s)

Nature writers                 No one in particular                               Other (who?)

3.  Is your sense of awe nourished outdoors through?

Sitting           Walking              Taking photos       Canoeing

Sleeping under the stars        Fishing             Gardening            All of the above

4.  What do you like to do on Saturday mornings (or another morning that you don’t work?

5.  How much time do you spend outdoors every month?

6.  Where do you love to go to be alone?

7.  Do you take a journal with you when on a path

8.  What do you do to retain your sense of wonder when you reutrn to your home or place of work?

9.  Do you believe in Bigfoot

10.  When is the last time you shared a sunrise or sunset with an adult, with a child

11.  What is the best time of day to be outdoors?  Dawn, morning, evening, night, or anytime.

12.  Which sense:  Hearing, Seeing, touching, Smelling, or Tasting bonds you closest to nature

13.  Can your sense of wonder be enhanced in the city, suburbs, country or only in wild places?

14. What is a fond memory of the place where you spent your childhood?

15. List your five favorite occasions to celebrate and what you do on these days?

16.  How far away (in miles) is the nearest park, refuge or natural area that you like to visit?

17.  How long does it take you to walk one mile when on a trail

Where do you go to  find the best natural view

Where is your favorite swimming hole

What is the best song to sing outdoors!

If you’d love to respond back to me with any of your ansers, I’d love to hear from you ~