This Monday after Easter prompts me to write about faith, defined in one dictionary as an “unquestioning belief that does not required proof or evidence, or complete trust, confidence or reliance.”

I’m guessing that most folks living close to nature have faith, especially those who are farmers and plant seeds in the ground during this spring season.  There is some certainty that those seeds will germinate and grow into edible or lovely ornamental full-grown plants.

As I write the annual appearance of buttercups has slowly begun.  In one week, their blooms will delight us all in waves of yellow. In May, oak leaves will say hello, and in our garden bed, we expect spinach, peas, and lettuce.

We may all have differ convictions on what grand force is behind today’s glorious sunset, the new fawns in the meadow, or the warm breezes which have brushed icicle winds away, yet we all share the love of these natural phenomena, and will all end each garden day with good soil under our fingernails and common fruits and vegetables planted and watered.

The largest chemical process on Earth, photosynthesis, is still somewhat a mystery.  Just how does the energy from a flaming orb 93 million miles away combine with water and carbon dioxide to make simple sugars in every green plant????  We have faith that this invisible-to-the-eye magic always works and provides for our family food needs, and if we are a commercial farmer, for the needs of others.

Last year, our dear friends, who have grown impressive organic vegetables for years, received a contaminated batch of “compost” that killed almost everything in their garden.  Though a devastating loss,  they responded by informing their contacts about the dangers of contaminated hay.  And this year, they are back at it, now restoring their plot, redoubling their efforts to bring back their productive raised beds.  Now, that’s hope personified…having one’s faith tested, and responding positively to bring wholeness back to the land. ~