It has always been a nice way to begin and end the day.  For years, we have been parking our cars on top of the hill instead of by the house.

We are blessed (or cursed) with a mile-long bumpy gravel road driveway that some have deemed “the Road to Hades.”  By parking on top of the hill, we spare our old low clearance vehicles the worse sections of the road, while enjoying views of two magnificent peaks.

While we are pleased to save a bit of gas and car wear and tear, what is most satisfying is the steep walk to and from home and car.  Exercise, contemplation and a deep breath mix together to elevate our souls.   Now and then, treasures are unexpectedly discovered along the path: spring’s first flower, a pair of missing keys, and even a UPS package — yes, UPS refuses to neogtiate our road and has been known to fling packages from their van into the meadow!

Unfortunately, California ground squirrels have discovered our fools on the hill and they reek havoc under the hoods.  One time, a squirrel popped its head under the passenger side floormat.  Fortunately, the ominpresent critters hibernate in the winter so we can at least park on the perch during part of the year. 

Anyone can do this.  Leave your car down the road a bit, around the corner after a long-days work and delight in walking  the rest of the way home.

It’s not a long way to anywhere

It’s not a long way at all

It’s not a long way to the top of the hill

From there you can find your way home ~